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Harvesting & Extracting

Bee Quick

Bee Quick bee remover is a honey harvest product with no offensive odor. It works quickly and effectively to remove bees from honey supers. A small...


This pint bottle of Bee-Go, an approved chemical, quickly chases bees from honey supers on hot or cold days and makes honey harvesting quick and...

Fume Board

Available in 8 and 10 frame, Fume Boards efficiently drive bees from honey supers during harvest. The fume board is placed above the honey supers...
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Lyson 12FR Motorized Extractor

The perfect size between a 4-frame and a 20-frame extractor! This 500mm motorized radial extractor from Lyson was designed as a sweet...

Lyson 4 Frame Combo Extractor

  The Lyson 2019 is a stainless steel, hand crank honey extractor with integrated strainer and tank. The 2019 uses a unique cast steel worm gear...

Lyson 4 Frame Extractor

The Lyson 2019N is a stainless steel, hand crank tangential honey extractor that holds 4 medium or 2 deep frames. The handle is side mounted for more...

Nylon Honey Gate 1 1/4"

Our nylon honey gate comes with stainless steel hardware, an O-ring and gasket for a tight seal. The 1 1/4” honey gate is the most popular size...

Plastic Double Sieve

This is the ideal double filter for the hobbyist beekeeper. Large 11" diameter double sieve fits into a 5 gallon pail and provides 34% more filtering...

Plastic Honey Gate 1 1/4"

1-1/4" Plastic Honey Gate includes an O-ring and gasket for a tight seal. When you install this honey gate on your own pail, use a 1-5/8” hole saw....

Plastic Tank with Honey Gate

Store or bottle your honey with this food safe 60 lb. pail and 1.25” honey gate. Includes pre-drilled 5 gallon pail, 1 1/4" plastic honey...

Stainless Double Sieve

Made of solid, stainless steel. This honey filter fits over a 5 or 6 gallon pail. The mesh size for the upper sieve is 14 mesh or about 1.4 mm, and...

Triangular Escape Board

Available in 8 or 10 frame, Triangular Escape Boards are placed between the supers and the brood chamber during honey harvest, and provides the most...
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Uncapping Bench

The efficient design allows to easy and fast uncapping of frames without the need for more expensive equipment. The grooved bottom fits securely on...

Uncapping Fork

Uncapping forks are designed to scratch or lift off the wax on the corners of a capped frame that your knife cannot reach. Uncapping forks are a cost...

Uncapping Knife

An uncapping knife is a very sharp knife with offset handle and a center ridge, designed specifically for cutting the wax capping from a frame of...

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