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Lyson 4 Frame Combo Extractor



The Lyson 2019 is a stainless steel, hand crank honey extractor with integrated strainer and tank. The 2019 uses a unique cast steel worm gear drive that allows the basket to freewheel without the handle spinning, and a brake that is applied by gentle backwards pressure on the crank (similar to a cruiser bicycle).


The extractor includes three components: the extractor drum with basket, a fine-mesh stainless screen, and a settling tank with metal gate valve. The components are held together by opposed latches.

Drum with Basket: Drum is constructed of 25 gauge stainless steel. Contains four large holes on the bottom of the drum to allow honey to flow through the filter and into the tank.

Fine-Mesh Stainless Screen Filter: Can be removed for easy cleaning. Fine enough mesh to allow for direct bottling from the settling tank.

Settling Tank with Valve: Can hold approximately 100 pounds of honey (generally about 2 honey supers). Honey is drained through a 1 ¼” stainless gate valve with O-ring seal.

  • This extractor can hold 2 deep Langstroth frames (9 1/8”), 4 medium Langstroth frames (6 ¼”), or 4 shallow Langstroth frames (5 3/8”).

The cover is made from clear acrylic and snaps into place with a friction fit.

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