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Protective Gear

Betterbee Jacket with Veil

Betterbee Jackets provide great protection in the bee yard. They are extremely functional and durable. Features include 100% cotton fabric, soft...
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Lyson Jacket with Veil

Lyson Beekeeping Jackets are made with lightweight cotton/ poly fabric (35%/65%) and are perfect for those who want breathable protection. These...
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Round Veil w/ Incorporated Hat

Our tie-down veil has two long durable polyester cords which go under your arms and across your chest, bringing the veil tightly over your upper...

Ventilated Bag for Nucleus Box

Use this ventilated bag to place around nucleus colonies while transporting, to keep stragglers contained. Fits most 4 and 5 frame nuc boxes.

Ventilated Leather Gloves

These heavy duty leather gloves will help keep your hands protected when working your hives. The ventilation panel allows air to pass over the...
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