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3-Way Queen Mating Nuc - Deep


3-Way Deep Queen Mating Nuc is a great tool to help expand your growing apiary. Use these mating nucs to raise queens from grafted cells or quickly make small nucs using swarm cells from your other hives. The 3-Way Nuc has 3 compartments that will hold 3 deep frames each. The box is divided using 3/8" plywood and leaves plenty of room to install queen cells. The assembled bottom board has a rim that is a full 3/4" tall to keep from damaging swarm cells when transferring from a hive to the nuc. Entrances are on each end of the bottom board. The inner covers are solid pine and notched on one side for ventilation. Use the included feeder caps to feed the nucs or to plug the feeder holes. Requires a standard 10 frame Outer Cover, sold separately.

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