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5lb. Round Glass Jar Pk6

Starting at: $25.33

These 5 lb. Round Glass Jars have a wide mouth that allows for easy filling and pouring. Choose between no caps, white plastic caps, and gold metal caps. 

Betterbee Volume and Honey Weight Measurements for 5 lb glass jar (RB5) :

  • Tare Weight: 615.07 grams with C70G cap
  • Volume under Bead: 1629 ml
  • Volume to Top of Bead: 1644 ml
  • Overflow Capacity: 1691 ml
  • Weight of Honey to Top of Bead: 5.13 lb. (82.1 oz.)

    Fill Note: The weight of each container and lid may vary within and between lots. Honey density will also vary between harvests. You may need to put more honey than the advertised capacity into the container depending on your batch.

    Even though we make every effort to pack glass for safe shipment, FedEx/UPS cannot guarantee against breakage. Damaged items are non-replaceable.

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